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Videos of the talks from RailsConf 2006.

Paul Watson informs that videos of the talks from RailsConf 2006 are available at

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Dave Johnson: Beyond Blogging: Understanding feeds and publishing protocols

Mícheál Ó Foghlú links to this PDF slideset. I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds interesting.

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Google Calendar

This post is just a test of my Google Calendar

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Where in the world?

It might be of use if you knew where I went on holiday. (Although I may have taken the photo at a different time.)

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What camera?

I’ve been thinking about buying a digital SLR for a while. I currently prefer the idea of a Canon EOS 350D (I think that’s a Rebel Xt in the US). The reason for looking at an EOS is that I already have a flash and lenses (for my Canon EOS 500N film camera), otherwise I […]

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Holux GPSlim236

I bought a Holux GPSlim236 GPS receiver recently. It’s a bluetooth device that can be used with a laptop, PDA, or Smartphone. I’ve used it with all three and I’ve been impressed. (However it is my first GPS device, so I’m not comparing it with anything else. There are lots of reviews on the Internet […]

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