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IRCSET – Embark Initiative – Grant Schemes

I was just notified of this today.  Probably of use to people planning on postgrad research. IRCSET – Embark Initiative – Grant Schemes Post Graduate Research The Embark Initiatives Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme is designed for either Masters or Doctorate level researchers in the sciences, engineering or technology. 2007 Programme [First Call] NOW OPEN The […]

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IRCSET – Embark Initiative – Grant Schemes

May be of interest to anyone who recently completed a PhD. IRCSET – Embark Initiative – Grant Schemes Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme CALL FOR APPLICANTS (2007) The Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology invites applications for research funding under the Government of Ireland’s Embark Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme (2007).

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Tip for a forgetful software developer

Lately, when writing JUnit tests I’ve been doing things like: … String result = some.method(); assertTrue(“Expected ” + expected + ” but was ” + result, result.equals(expected)); … However, a similar result can be achieved with the semantically more accurate … assertEquals(expected, result); … This is even easier to type 🙂 I did know this, […]

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The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure – Engadget

Just noticed this on Engadget. It’s a discussion about the security of doorlocks, it will need further investigation on my part. The Lockdown: Locked, but maybe secure (part 1) refers to the previous articles: The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure (Part I) – Engadget The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure (Part II) – Engadget

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Software Deployment info

These are some links for me to read, that may be of general use to anyone development Java software using Maven Java/JAR Adding Classes to the JAR File’s Classpath Maven: [#MPDIST-22] Use <dist.bundle> property of dependencies to include dependencies –

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