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Introducing iPhone Shuffle. Life Is Random.

I’m not entirely sure about the iPhone, seems to be quite big for a phone. However this is a really good idea: Introducing iPhone Shuffle. Life Is Random. Thanks to the folks at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) for the link.

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Charging mobile devices

Just saw this report from CES by Nancy Gohring, IDG News Service about powering devices wirelessly. I saw this sort of technology proposed years ago, where you have a pad the size of a mouse mat and you just place your mobile devices on it to charge them. I’d find that extremely useful for all […]

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Working in a Fridge?

The heating system at work seems to break down a lot. I just found this link mentioning a minimum of 63°F within 1 hour (in the Irish Statute Book Database.) I must remember to bring a thermometer with me tomorrow morning. I suppose I should also check if that has been superceded.

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