After months of pondering, I eventually ordered a Macbook Pro. I went for the “low-end” model, 2.16GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. €450 didn’t really make sense for the next model up, and a 17inch screen is just too big for a laptop (in my opinion). Now I just have to wait until it arrives 🙁 trying to supress the urge to check the UPS tracking website every 5 minutes.
When it does arrive I’ll have a bit of learning to do to get use to the Mac way of doing things. Talking of such things, if you’re a Mac user, what software do you use for email, spreadsheet, wordprocessor? I just noticed that Openoffice only runs in X11 for Mac at the moment – which would probably be fine for me anyway.

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    I use NeoOffice on the Mac. It is an Open Office port that works on Mac OS X.

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