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Upgrading WordPress

Well, after my earlier problems with the automated Fantastico upgrade, I did the “manual” upgrade to my WordPress installation. I was moving from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1 following the instructions from WordPress. It all went perfectly. Well done on the instructions (and the software). At the end of the upgrade instructions, there’s a section called Special […]

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Back to basics (or some rules for software upgrades)

Don’t upgrade just because there is a newer version available. Check the release notes and other documentation for any problems with the new software. Verify the upgrade in a test environment first. This is not always a realistic option, but if you don’t do it then backups become even more important. Backup your current live […]

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Flash Lite: Graphics for Mobile Devices

This is an interesting introduction to Flash Lite – including getting data from the network – in the current issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal. Well it’s probably only interesting if, like me, the only thing you already know about Flash Lite, is that some people can make nice looking demos with it 😉 Dr. Dobbs […]

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