Back to basics (or some rules for software upgrades)

  • Don’t upgrade just because there is a newer version available.
  • Check the release notes and other documentation for any problems with the new software.
  • Verify the upgrade in a test environment first. This is not always a realistic option, but if you don’t do it then backups become even more important.
  • Backup your current live system (and verify the backup).
  • Allow enough time for the upgrade of the live system.
  • Verify everything is working correctly after the upgrade. This is the point where the problems appeared for me. However, I was able to revert to the earlier version – which had luckily been backed up by the software doing the installation and not me (I should learn to follow my own advice.)

In case you’re wondering, the problem was “just” a visual, where accented characters were not being displayed correctly in WordPress 2.2, hopefully 2.2.1 fixes it. I’ll have to wait until I get some more time to do a test and a hand install, rather than the automated Fantastico install.

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