Nokia N95 vs. iPhone

Nokia are saying that the N95 is better than the iPhone, at least in the European market. Just read an article on Nokia aim to “rip through the iPhone hype”

While I personally would prefer the features in the N95, the screen, interface, and form factor of the iPhone are much better. If Apple could put in a 3G radio and allow you use the iPhone as a modem…

The whole reliability and updatability issues will have to wait until the phones have been in the market for a while. (I’d be concerned that the large iPhone screen would get scratched.)

Edit to add: “…European carriers are hell-bent on reviving flagging ARPU (average revenue per user) levels by replacing lost revenues with new streams from high-speed data services…” Network coverage issues are still going to be an issue – when you force everyone to use online data they get annoyed when they can’t access it. (e.g. I work in a metal-clad building and can’t get phone coverage inside)

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    […] Martin Murphy linked to an interesting bit of spouting by a Nokia exec on how the Nokia N95 walks all over the iPhone. I won’t get into the feature race debate but will say that having both devices I know which device I’d rather carry around and it isn’t the N95. […]

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