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Compiling Ruby on Ubuntu – Part 2

Following on from my previous post Installing Ruby on Ubuntu, I tried to install/compile Ruby (and rubygems, rake) on Ubuntu server 7.04. Since Ubuntu Server is a “minimal” installation for use on a server, various development tools need to be installed, I used the following commands: apt-get install build-essential autoconf manpages-dev and also apt-get build-dep […]

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Future looks bright for video ads

Continuing in the online video theme, The Register has a story about video ads: Future looks bright for video ads The article talks about ad-funded online video, and video ads in web pages. Both of these are relevant to me at work.

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Symbian Slingplayer In Private Beta

Saw this on this morning: Symbian Slingplayer In Private Beta Looks interesting, even with the number of operators making video available on mobile, this allows an individual get the video content that they have available, in their home or office, delivered to their phone. So, while they’re on a train, or waiting in an […]

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SSH updates

The Past: I’m a long-time user of SSH. I presume that I was typical in my initial use of it for secure access to remote servers. But I quickly became familiar with its port-forwarding capabilities, and have often set up intricate webs of connected and nested tunnels, in order to negotiate the problems of multiple […]

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