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Upgrading WordPress

Well, after my earlier problems with the automated Fantastico upgrade, I did the “manual” upgrade to my WordPress installation. I was moving from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1 following the instructions from WordPress. It all went perfectly. Well done on the instructions (and the software). At the end of the upgrade instructions, there’s a section called Special […]

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Software Development Process

I link this Lisp comic strip

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After months of pondering, I eventually ordered a Macbook Pro. I went for the “low-end” model, 2.16GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. €450 didn’t really make sense for the next model up, and a 17inch screen is just too big for a laptop (in my opinion). Now I just have to wait until it arrives […]

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The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure – Engadget

Just noticed this on Engadget. It’s a discussion about the security of doorlocks, it will need further investigation on my part. The Lockdown: Locked, but maybe secure (part 1) refers to the previous articles: The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure (Part I) – Engadget The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure (Part II) – Engadget

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MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Decisions, decisions! Should I buy a smaller, cheaper MacBook or a 15″ MacBook Pro with its larger screen? (I don’t like 17″ laptops, they’re just too big) Since I’ve written down the question, the answer is obvious — it depends on what I want to use it for! (unsurprisingly this is echoed by others). Space […]

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