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“lsof” command

Just found out about this command today. “lsof” displays information about open files by processes on *nix systems (including network “files” – TCP/UDP). I don’t know how I managed to miss such a useful command over the years. As an example, listing network ports (which I would previously have done with netstat): # lsof +c0 […]

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Braille converter

Recently I had been thinking about various output media (including Braille and Text to Speech) for computer systems.  Today I noticed this story on the BBC about RoboBraille. They’re currently testing an email service that converts text to contracted Braille or MP3 and emails the result back to you.  Seems like a good idea.  (You […]

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Software Development Process

I link this Lisp comic strip

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Tip for a forgetful software developer

Lately, when writing JUnit tests I’ve been doing things like: … String result = some.method(); assertTrue(“Expected ” + expected + ” but was ” + result, result.equals(expected)); … However, a similar result can be achieved with the semantically more accurate … assertEquals(expected, result); … This is even easier to type 🙂 I did know this, […]

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Software Deployment info

These are some links for me to read, that may be of general use to anyone development Java software using Maven Java/JAR Adding Classes to the JAR File’s Classpath Maven: [#MPDIST-22] Use <dist.bundle> property of dependencies to include dependencies –

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Videos of the talks from RailsConf 2006.

Paul Watson informs that videos of the talks from RailsConf 2006 are available at

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